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How to Make a Vacation Exchange

How to Make a Vacation Exchange
As a vacation owner you can exchange your timeshare vacation for exciting destinations around the world, made available through either Interval International or Resort Condominiums International. You must be a member of either or both of these exchange companies in order to trade for a stay at a different resort.
To exchange your vacation time for comparable accommodations deposited by another exchange company member, just follow these three (3) easy steps:
Step 1 – Deposit
If your resort operates on floating, flex or points, you must always reserve in writing with your home resort prior to depositing your time into the pool. Deposit your confirmed week into the space bank pool. Your vacation time is added to the “pool” of weeks deposited by members
from around the world. Remember, your maintenance fees must be paid, pre-paid (or current) in order to make your space bank deposit. Check with your home resort for specific details on payment. If you plan to deposit your week for an exchange vacation, you should always deposit your week as far in advance as possible.
Note: II and RCI cannot accept deposits less than fourteen (14) days before the start date of your assigned week. Once
deposited, you have up to two (2) years after the start date of your week to travel/redeem that deposit. Keep in mind, you don’t have to request an exchange at the same time you deposit, however, it is recommended.
Step 2 – Request
Request your exchange week at a resort or resort area comparable to the trading power you have deposited with your exchange company. You may request an exchange as much as one (1) year prior to the start date of your deposit, or up to two (2) years after the start date of the deposit.
Be sure to have the following information ready when you call the appropriate exchange company:
Your exchange company ID number
· Four (4) or more desired resort choices and the general area you wish to travel (more resorts selected, is better!)
· Your desired travel dates (if you can be flexible on your travel dates, please let the Vacation Counselor know!).
· The number of people in your travel party (be sure to include children).
· Your credit card number and expiration date.
Step 3 – Confirm
Your exchange company will confirm your vacation exchange immediately if your requested destination is available. If a resort’s unit is not immediately available to fulfill your request, ask your exchange counselor to begin a search, (you will have to pay the exchange fee at that time). The exchange company will enter an on-going computerized search for your desired resorts and / or travel times and continue to check all incoming deposits for the vacation time you desire. When
a match is made, they will notify you that your accommodations have been confirmed. If a match is not made, they will work with you to find alternative destinations or refund your exchange fee.
*** Please be sure that your membership to your exchange company is paid in full for the year of your deposit as well as the year of the exchange that your are requesting ***

Trading Places International

Membership – no cost as a Cove at Yarmouth Owner

Exchange Fee $129.00

Resorts Condominiums International

Membership $99.00

Exchange Fee $239.00

Interval International

Membership $89.00

Exchange Fee $189.00